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 From The Coastal Passage, issue #21

Fiercely creative and quietly competent! Both Vicki J and Steffen have built their own boats. Thats not too common in a couple. Vicki has written some powerful material including a best selling book that couragously took on one of those American Cults. She has also written several great articles for TCP (one of which lies within) and other papers.
Currently in Europe taking on new challenges for a while but they’ll be back in a few years. You meet the most amazing people on the water!

Norma and Norman drive their Farr 7.5 from Victoria where they play around the Sandringham Yacht club, up to the whits and where ever. I caught them taking a provisioning stop in Victor Creek with Ron from the Seaforth club giving a hand. If you got this paper hot off the press, you might keep an eye for them and give a congrats as they are now celebrating their 50th anniversary!!
I caught up with John and Sue on a paper delivery. This Tassie couple got there Adams 15 over 14 years ago as a bare hull and fitted her out to very high standard. The boat is sweet to see and has a reputation for sailing well and it is being put to proper use. This year maybe Lizard and next could be anywhere as they stretch their sea legs and get comfortable with the passages. They have the vessel to match the ambition, what a beaut!
I admit to being attracted to incongruity, so when I noticed the knickers hung out on the deck of the Four winds Motor Boat I had to do a double take! Ian and Maree Gilligan (no relation I hope) are from King Island and taking bites out of the coast between bouts of responsibility when they fly back south. They are breaking rules (which also attracts me!) by Cruising in such a hot rod but you have to admire the individuality. They do it any way they like! Well done!
And why shouldn’t Trevor and Diane be smiling! Their Fusion 40 is a very impressive home. I was surprised when I asked about past boats. Seems the couple have had several and may change again. Sailors of easy virtue! Can’t wait to see what they get up to next!
  Bill And Karyn are from WA where they used to run round the bouys with a Farrier F25 but after taking a 7 month tour by caravan of every marina on the coast (this one!) they found their new home, a lightwave cat. I had to get this info by email cause when I made the time for an interview all we did was have a great visit and shot the s.. er breeze! But that’s what I love about this job, meeting people like Bill and Karyn and everyone else on this page.
Dave Short and mates Dave and Dorich and whoever they could shanghai for the daily races cleaned up in the new non-spinnaker class. Major sponsor, Audi, set up an auto gymkhana course as well and the best combo of sailing and driving picked up the keys for the new Audi A4 Avant!! How good is that! Dave’s boat is a 1989 model 33 foot Hunter that lies in Townsville. For more details on this and complete coverage of all Hamo events see the TCP web site. Congratulations Dave! Well done!