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By Bob Norson

Schionning Designs has become the one stop shop for many builder/buyers for good reasons. The variety of styles available is exceptional. Whether you are after cruiser, racer, motor or sail there should be something there to satisfy. If a modification is required to suit you to utter perfection, they can be done if it doesn't interfere with the seaworthiness. Adding to that is the capability to deliver just about any state of completion or none at all. Buy the plans and go your own way or have Schionning oversee the complete construction. Most choose to go somewhere in the middle.

The model I've selected here is a new one and it is a great illustration of the options you can select. The “Wilderness 1230” is of the size and style that the market loves. I'll let a Schionning take it from here: (continued below photo)

 One of those "backyard" projects (SY "Aussie Oi" pictured at launch) with some pro help in the finish makes this another outstanding Schionning designs boats.


 From Schionning Designs...

“We have put together some information to help you with your article.
Based on the Wilderness 1230, our newest addition to our 'kit' boats, here's the following:
1) Cost of plans for the kit: $11000.00
Description: The plans are CAD-drawn, extremely detailed, clear and easy to follow with various options to suit different requirements. Easy to follow pre-cut diagrams are included for the assembly of all the 'kit' parts. There is free technical support throughout the building of the boat.
2) Cost of the kit: Aprox. $70 000.00
Description: The "material kit" includes all the structural materials to complete the shell, including all furniture, daggerboards, rudders, composite forebeam, compression post, all other fibreglass reinforcement, resins and all MDF temporary frames (pre-cut). Also included are all modifiers to add to the resin for glues, coving and fairing. Basically everything you need to complete the structurally faired shell.
3) Cost of materials and equipment to finish the 1230 to a sail-a-way stage: $95 000.00. This is everything required to finish the boat, not including the above 'kit'.


4) Estimated man hours to assemble kit and finish off boat: 4000 hrs. This is based on "home builder" type skills, so this is achievable for even the unskilled.
5) Estimated resale value for the 1230: $550 000.00 + . This is based on a "professional" level of finish but not unachievable by a home builder.

The information above is based on our Wilderness 1230, this range of designs is ideal for the "home builder". The panels are all pre-glassed Duflex Balsa, except for the small areas that are strip-planked, to soften the lines. Meaning that the hull panels can be glued directly to the bulkheads, quickly and easily. Being panels, the fairing is minimized hugely. This model can have diesel shaft-drive's, saildrive's or outboards, making the different options fairly diverse. Schionning Marine, who sells the kits, materials and equipment can help with products and methods to finish the boat. They have on record for each model, standard lists of equipment and hardware ie: rig, sails, motors, deck gear package etc.”

There you have it. Even factoring in shipping and GS^%*!# T the boat is under $200K. These figures are based on the more economical options such as outboards versus diesels and do not allow for exceptional fitout but adequate. Even if the state of finish accomplished only allowed a value at completion of say, $400K, that figures out to your 4000 hours at 48 hours per week or roughly 20 months to be worth $200K… I wish writing paid that well!!
In the marina near us are some great examples of Schionning boats. The amazing “Sanity” is one of the most elaborately finished Cats you could find anywhere. The luxuries it has are beyond my imagination. Under the helm you can see the faint line of a joint in the finish. Say the magic word and it slides opens to reveal…. a hidden Inca treasure?? .. Pirate Hoard?.. Nope, the most beautiful polished stainless BBQ!!
There are two of the Schionning “Prowler” power boats nearby and they fascinate me. For weekend and holiday use around this coast, one could argue they are the ideal craft.
This is just an example. There are other options as I said.

More information is at: www.schionningdesigns.com.au


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