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 B2B 2008-Garys Anchorage

 B2B 2009- hundreds of top shots

 B2B2011-large photos here
 The Bay to Bay race... 2007 from Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay Via the Sandy Straits. These are a few of the photos I took during the Sunday leg. Scroll Down!!!

 Any participant or club official may have copies of the file of photos free of charge for personal viewing or event promotion. Click here to contact TCP(update, this service has been ended after TCP figures anyone who wanted copies has them by now) . Remember, this is just a sample. Over 300 photos all up. Not everyones boat will be in the file but the odds are better than average. I wasn't trying to cover the field as much as get fun pics. The photo give-away was an afterthought.... though a hugely popular one so far!! Our way of saying thankyou to all the sailors that created this wonderful spectacle! For those that have kindly offered to pay, I won't take money from some and not others.. not fair. But.. remember that TCP is supported by advertising. It's free to you. Please support the people that support YOUR RAG!







 And many more.......