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 More killer photos

 Petrea Heathwood caught this spectacular action at Mackay Marina. It's all about being in the right place at the right time with a camera and a good eye for a photo.



 hmmm... this looks like trouble..


 oh yeah.. this is trouble


 if it had been just a few more feet away...


 what to do????????????


 well, get the rest of the boats out of the way.


 break in because the owner is not in town and shift the personal stuff to the dry side and stand by in case she sinks.


 I think this is really a beautifuly composed shot.


 The marina staff comes to the rescue...


 Pretty handy to have a spare crane around!


 The boat survived but not unscathed.


 All up, the marina and sailors present did all they could and the damage was limited as a result.