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22 4 19

Just yesterday I posted the paragraph below warning about the big three offenders, Google Facebook and twitter. This morning a new article was posted by The Guardian that dives into the heart of it. please see the technology page for more....


21 4 19 somewhere on the Australian east coast

In spite of my neglect, the TCP website keeps ticking along. Over 500,000 hits per month. Not bad. I couldn't keep myself out of circulation forever so will try this out. I tried for twitter but they hated my security programs. As I wouldn't let them inside my computer they decided to exclude me from their site. More to say about that later maybe but suffice for now, Twitter isn't the sweet thing they would have you believe. They are just as shitty as facebook and Google, even worse in some ways but that will go onto the technology page.

I wish to announce that according to our web stats, the USA is now the largest reading audiance of TCP. Good onyer Yanks!

Anyway! Where to start! People around the world are finally finally!! starting to wake up! Only 30 years past the point when I gave up on the process. Australia and the US have been on a paralell course for some time now. Ever since American Republican party operatives got that shit eating rodent, John Howard put in as Prime Minister back in 96. There are a lot of people that have leanrt but I know a lot of his supporters will double down to save embarrassment, or admission of how they were fooled.

But anyway, here we are. Election is upon us and John Howards hachet man, the meanest man in Australian politics looks likely to get beat by an independant woman.... sound familiar? The Australian Labor party isn't well liked, or rather the party leader isn't well liked but for you yanks, the leader of the party that wins or can make a deal for the most seats in Parliment becomes the Prime Minister.

Both major party leaders are old hacks, widely dispised by modern, read young and reformed older voters. The very misnamed Australian Liberal party, about as liberal as Hitler, has dug itself deep in a pit of climate change denial and passed every form of domestic spying imaginable. BUT, they passed the spy stuff because Labor sold out and went with it too. They have worked together to lower wages for the low and middle class and lower taxes for the rich. All of these things (and more) are anti to the modern voter blocks.

This is being seen all over the world. The days of destructive foriegn wars, big coal and 1percenters is coming to an end. I am really proud of you yanks. Even after the dissappointment of Obama and the machinations of the democrat party that pushed Hillary in in favour of candidates that were more popular and would have won against Trump, voters still have heart and wow, what winners you guys have elected in the midterms. I am so impressed. History will long remember that turning point... and so will Donald!

My prediction? Australian election is 18 May. I predict that labor will win against liberal but in seats where there is a reasonable independent, the indy will win.

In US politics? Obama was right to caution democrat party nominies to not shot each other down in the primaries. Obama knows his politics... too bad he didn't know how to govern.

The house will move to impeach Trump but the republicans in the senate will block it and doom their party to near extinction in 2020. Res ipsa loquetour

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