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How to Make a Web Page 

Now you need a Domain Name and Hosting Server. If you want a domain name that includes .au at the end you must obtain the domain name from a registrar in Australia. If you want a .com or .org or .net and others, you can go anywhere. You can have your domain registered at a different business than where you have your hosting but it complicates things a little.


What is whois?  By law the owner of a domain must list their details through their registrar. This information is listed with the query protocol of whois. A good hosting service and domain name registrar will provide access to whois so you can apply for a particular name and it will tell you right away whether your chosen name is available, and if not available and you are curious, who owns it. With your domain name organised you can then select the hosting package from the business, pay the money and then wait for them to send you the codes and instructions via email, to mount your web site.


You will likely receive a user name and password for general login to manage your account (you will have email and statistics and many other options probably) and another user name and password for your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site. You will also get an FTP address,  this is where the business is done!


If your web site is www.whoopsie-daisey.com  then your ftp address will likely be ftp.whoopsie-daisy.com so in the address bar of your browser, not a search engine, type in your ftp address and then you should receive a pop up window asking for your web site user name and password. Once through that, your web site will open in your web browser. One of the folders will be named www. Double click on that to open. You may find an “index” page already placed  there by your server. No worries, when you load yours it will over write that one.  


To upload, you can go to your web site folder in your computer and open half screen over the full screen of your hosting site. First, click on one of your page folders and drop and drag or copy paste into the www folder at your host. It will take a little time. Do this for each folder and page until everything is uploaded. Later if you edit some pages and the content of some of the folders, you will transfer the new pages and they will over write, after asking your permission to do so in many cases. For images in the folders, double click on the folder in your computer and the corresponding folder at you host and transfer the particular image as described above for pages or folders. 


Your new domain name may take a day or two to propagate through the web but that aside, your uploaded pages should be accessible immediately. Go to your browser and give it a try! See what it looks like, look for mistakes or unexpected results and if necessary, go back and edit a little and upload again.