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By Jim Gard

We are so fortunate in Australia to have such a wonderful choice of multihulls, designed by some of the best designers in the world. Not only are these vessels available as production craft, but our designers have made them available to all who dare to dream.

The home handyman can choose designs from basic ply construction through strip planking, and pre-routered kits up to the latest in Infusion moulded, gelcoat finished fibreglass kits such as the Fusion 40, built by Fusion Catamarans in Airlie Beach, Whitsunday's.

This particular Kit is produced for those builders who do not want to have the hassle of sawdust, fairing and painting, and have the added benefit of owning a modern production craft with its added asset value.

The Fusion 40 Kit is also very appealing to the shipwright/boatbuilder looking to develop a business around a production design. Without all of the setup, planking, glassing, fairing, sanding, painting etc. it enables him to invest his time in the creative fitout stage, rather than hull construction, allowing him to double his annual through-put.

The moulds for the kits were produced on a 5 axis router, showing incredible accuracy (2mm in 12 metres), with 50mm overlapping joggles the kit components are easily aligned without the necessity for costly jigs.

Shipping has always been a problem when it comes to catamarans, to overcome this Fusion manufacture the 40s in sections up to 165kg in weight and of a size that will fit into 40ft containers.
The International Export market is where this kit is aimed, and 2 x 40ft containers will house all the necessary pieces including steering, engines, tanks, windows, doors etc.

The Factory has produced 10 motoraway Fusions in its 1st 10 months and has orders for a further 17 as well as its Kit orders (1 owner has already ordered his second), 2 charter Fusions will be available for hire in the Whitsundays after July this year.

Following the success of the Fusion 40s sailing down south, it can definitely be called a true performance cruising cat, and allows another alternative to the already large choice of multihulls.


 Fusion 40, "Razzle Dazzle" in survey and for charter in the Whitsundays.

 By Bob Norson..

update... Fusion has grown since the above was written and the building has moved to Thailand where the kit parts are being made under contract by a company that produces several of the worlds great names in quality yachts. Container loads of Fusions have now been shipped all over the world.

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