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 Digital Pics Explained

 How to size and send your pics

 How to get that great photo....... or at least improve your odds!

Tip number 1! Memory is cheap... USE IT! Take lots.

 Tip number 2!

A "fill in" flash can do wonders. Get to know how to set your flash to go on even during the day when your automatic setting will prevent it. Otherwise shadows will obscure the important parts of the photo.


see below...

Same person, same time, same place but with a "fill in" flash. Also keep in mind the limitations of your flash. Most in camera units have a maximum effective range of only a few metres.
 Then sometimes purposely not using a fill in flash can have a nice silhouette effect. The outline of these sailors tells the story.

Look for a perspective that adds to what you want the viewer to see. This photo was at a regatta where the wind dropped out and the water was flat so I got the camera right down to the water level and caught the reflection of the sail below to emphasise how quiet it was.

I really liked this one.

Water level shots can add interest to a variety of occasions.

People shots can be the toughest. Wendy of "Absolutely" is a natural portrait photographer and caught this nice shot that seems to reveal something about the people and their relationship.
Boating life.... Photos that show the environment we live in and day to day experiences can be most satisfying. Norm of "Peggy Anne" has a good eye for these kinds of shots.