How to Make a Web Page

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First of all, there are numerous options to developing a page in Word that I am ignoring for the sake of simplicity. The idea is to give the most basic example of the essential items… text, image and links. The rest you may figure out as you explore all the little goodies on the tool bar.


Step by step… many linked words go to illustrations to demonstrate the point at hand.


1. Go to your, My Documents and create a folder for your site. Name it whatever you like. Then drop that screen down, open your Word program.



2. I like to use a frame or table to keep the material centred into a page so…  I used the Table tool to create this box and moved it to centre. I also spread it out by grabbing the lower right corner. The depth of the box adjusts automatically when you start working.


3. Click .. View>Web layout.


4. Then I typed in my Title.. How to Make a Web Page..


5. Saving the page. Now go to .. file>save as,  and on the window that pops up give the page a File Name This will be part of your page’s URL, so make it short and sweet with no gaps or grammatical devices. If this is going to be your home page it must be named “index”, this is very important. All other pages can be named as you please.  Then near the bottom of the same window … save as type… select web page. Where it says .. save in.. at the top of the box be sure the folder named is the one you made earlier for your site. Browse for it if necessary.  Hit save and then use the normal save button on your tool bar occasionally as you work. Once the page has been saved in web format, double clicking on it in your file will open the page in your web browser. To open in Word to edit later, right click on the page icon and look for open with and a menu of programs will pop out. Select Word and open. In much of this kind of work, if all else fails, right click and see the options available.


6. Inserting an image.   Place your cursor on the page where you want your photo and create another table (this may not be essential but I believe it may stabilise the placement and link, you may be able to place the image without it). Then move your cursor inside the table and click on … insert>picture>from file> and a window will pop up . Browse to find your picture and select it. Then click on insert and link. Word will automatically create a folder for the photo you have inserted and create the link. If you adjust the size of the photo by stretching or shrinking on the page it will save both the original and the result. Since this folder must be uploaded along with your page it would be better if the original wasn’t a huge file size. It is important to not have excessively large files on your site that will make downloading and uploading intolerably slow.  Click here for a tutorial on sizing photos and click here for a tutorial on digital pics to better understand how they work. When adjusting photos for size on a web page remember that many screens are about 1000 pixels wide. The picture below was sized to 500 pixels wide before it was placed. You can right click in the box to make it fit the contents.




7. Creating a link. You can type a full URL on your page and the program will automatically make it “hot”, but there is another way. Anything that can be ‘selected’ can be used as a link. You can select a few words of text by clicking on your mouse and dragging the cursor across some words or by clicking on an image. Once selected, click on… Insert>Hyperlink> and a popup window will appear. If the link is going to something in your web site, like another page or image, browse the ‘look in’ line to find your site folder in your computer and then click on the page or image  you want to link to and click OK. If you want to link to something outside your web site you will type in the entire and exact URL or go to the URL in your browser and copy the URL (right click on it and follow the prompts)  then open your page in Word and paste it in the linking window.


 You can also link for email. Either write it out on your page like this.. ,or select as above and insert the mail address, beginning with, mailto: and then the normal mail address, in the pop up window address line.


8. Just for fun on this page I gave it a background colour by clicking .. Format>background> and then selecting a colour by clicking on it. Then to keep the page white I clicked on… Format>Borders and Shading>Shading> and selected a colour, white in this case, by clicking on it.


There you have it…. A page done. Now you need to obtain a domain name, host server and upload your files and that is the easiest part. NEXT STEP.


AN UPDATE… I tried an even easier way to use Word and put together this page in less than 10 minutes.. now that I am an experienced professional…. Choke cough….!


TCP home page    Web Tutorial      Uploading your site