We are the People that are FREE!

 Passage people are those that have been met at anchorages or marinas or beaches or whatever along the way. They are featured perhaps because they are unique and special or because they are not, rather because they are just typical examples but of an extraordinary group. By being cruising boaties, all of these people have stepped off the well trod path and done something exceptional with their lives.


 Passage People by edition

 Passage People by boat names

 From The Coastal Passage, issue # 12


I had a perfectly good, normal photo of the “Mariposa crew” but couldn’t pass up others that I had that I felt showed them “natural.” Sandra takes care of the rig like a professional and Dan plays the guitar and writes...very well What a treat to have Dan Oddworm (right) and Frank Stoove (left) get together for an imprompto concert in refuge cove. One of those very good days! I hear they are experienced island traders!

 "Katani II"

Graeme and Lorrraine Dunnage, late of PNG have a wonderful floating home in their big Crowther cat. Another chance meeting while “delivering the paper.” There’s no more friendly folk around and always keen for company... even mine! As it was the holidays when we met, Kay and I also had the good fortune to meet their visiting daughters, Kara and Nicki, who brought their friend Susanne. (on left) A pity they are so shy and retiring, especially Nicki. (on right) As you can see, we just couldn’t get the poor girl out of her shell!

 "Two Easy"

Chris and Judy.. oh yeah, and Critter are some of those people you meet out there that make it worth the risk of saying G’day to a stranger at an anchorage. Chris is “EASY” goin and Judy was born a hostess I think... Plate of nibblies in one hand and bottle of wine in the other. Obese alcoholics are warned! These are the two that came to our rescue on our way to Lizard last year. Our very good luck! Thanks again, for restoring our faith in human nature!

 The Hula skirt party!

These guys came up from Brisbane to party up new years eve....GOOD THINKING! Grab a big charter cat, find an anchorage with plenty of room and get to it! We have, in no order whatever, Scott, Steve, Luke, Martina, Kate, Peaches and Kirsty Jack??? Hope I got the names right but you try to write with a camera in one hand, note book in the other, in a dinghy without spilling your beer!

 "Lady May"

Family fun in the Whitsundays! The two families hired the charter boat and had a great holiday. Caught in the act of having plenty of fun are the Murray’s, that’s skipper Craig with Ariane, Ebony and Aaron, and the Linnane’s. Sean is the big guy with the shiny topside with Nadia and Chiara and Nicholas. Nothing brings a smile to my face like kids laughter across water so I was beaming when they threw in the pick near “WhiteBird.” Very lucky kids!