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 From The Coastal Passage, issue #23

Magda and Bram Goedhart sailed to Australia from their Dutch home and became unwitting pawns in the Australian governments war on “terror”. Sailing from country to country using common sense and what they had come to believe was standard practice, they were snared by Customs and convicted as criminals for inadvertently violating an under-publised and unique entry regulation. Fortunately they had the help of John Hayward of SY Interlude (pictured with Bram, top) to assist with understanding what was happening to them. It is hoped that this sailing couple can understand that Australian sailors do not consider them as criminal and that they may continue their voyage in peace.

(See pages 18-19)
photos supplied by Interlude and Saluut

Mal and Lucy have a bit of nautical experience, there last boat, a Peterson 36 (now for sale) has been around the bouys quite a bit. Mal has a marine electronics business and having supplied gear to the likes of Sandy and Julian Way of “Cat chus” had to go for a sail to see if it all worked... experience like that caused a ‘sea change’ alright. So now they have a fabulous Schionning cat. Go well you guys... someone has to keep Cat chus honest!

photos supplied by Barbarella

Anne & Brian Wilson lived in Kingaroy where they built their Schionning Waterline on a hill top. Getting her to the water was one of those epic moves but she has been a great floating home since. In the 4+ years since splash they have cruised the coast and visited all the must do spots and last year stepped off to PNG and the Louisiades. The photo is one they took on Pana Tinana Island.
The next venture is Indonesia, hoping to go with the Darwin Ambon fleet. And the name? Nordic term translates to “land of peace.” Anne reports that she lives up to her name and Viking heritage, providing adventure and peace. Daughter Laura was the source for the name and christening ceremony.
Very thoughtful...
photos supplied by HyBreasail
Lew Green, The ‘genuine article’ is the term that comes to mind. The list of marine and personal accomplishments for this man is worth an edition of TCP of it’s own but in this little paragraph lets just say, founding member or the Cruising Yacht club, the Townsville Motorboat and Yacht club and Coastguard. Diver, (in on the Pandora discovery) photographer, croc hunter, navigator, 23 years in the defence force etc... there have been some rough times though. A rare disease nearly had him but against the odds, he pulled through that. Lew is a believer in the power of the mind and credits his belief in Buddhism, yoga and meditation with getting him through. So what is he doing lately? His is an AYF instructor at the North Queensland Nautical and Outdoor School in Townsville.... naturally!
Whilst having a wander around Mackay Marina, I was taken with this small boat that was cute as a button. A miniature ship. John (Dad) and mate Sterling were working out problems from the recent splash. John had started the boat in NZ and kept her through 15 epic moves before finally finishing her. Nothing if not persistent and definitely a labour of love. You won’t miss her when you see her. She is a salty and traditional tug boat looking little craft that just makes you want to grab a tin of spinach and a pipe..... Good one!