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 From The Coastal Passage, issue #24

Common folk caught in uncommon circumstances. Dorothy, Swiss and Jim, US born, have many years of sailing behind them and much adventure and joy to show for it but since entering Australia are now branded as criminals by Australian Customs. Their very uncommon response to this has been to stand and fight. That takes amazing courage in these difficult times. But sometimes that is what it takes to make important changes, a couple of common people of uncommon courage and determination. Make no mistake about it, this fight is one that will directly affect many of you reading this and all of us in a way. Big fights can be a lonely business. If you are in Bundaberg Mid Town, a word of support wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Keith Sutherland of “Carisbrooke” has been a regular fixture in the seasonal migration for many years and many of you may have been asking “where is the little boat with all the flags flying”? The answer is Keith has a little health issue that has put paid to his solo sailing days but he is still very active around his home port of Coffs Harbour. He catches a Wednesday sail when crew is available and keeps himself busy by serving the community. One of the valuable things he does is help new cruisers with information such as the article he contributed in this issue. So for anyone who has missed him up north, drop by Coffs and look for the flags, they are still flying!
So with a Boden 40 called “Sunburn” your dinghy has to have the name “Blister.” Living aboard with kids requires a sense of humour and a penchant for adventure. I caught up with this family right across the jetty from “Time” contributing to the chaos. Anyone who has read TCP for a while knows how much I like to see kids on boats, so this is a kind of chaos I enjoy. That’s Brendan and Di with Sophie and Finn. Caught in the act of having fun at Mackay Marina.
This is all in fun!!I had a couple of perfectly normal family shots all done and all of a sudden the devil came out! I was having such a good time with this family. Everyone a genuine character. Caught in the act of raising a little hell, the crew of the 42 foot Swanson “Time” are... David and Fiona (mum and dad) and Andrew, Gabriel, Mia, Isobel and Josie. Hanging around the Whits for a while before heading south.
Alan’s nickname around the place is ‘security’ as he is the default mayor of Tin Can Bay Marina. So naturally Kay and I caught his attention wandering around and within a minute or less I had a beer in my hand! Hey, that’s worth an unlimited range of discussion about anything for me but when he offered to give us a spin about the Straits in his very sharp looking stinker sometime... well, that’s worth a picture in the paper!! I’m gonna take you up on that Alan... and soon!

A barge mounted crane at Mackay Marina fell over onto the cat “First Kiss” and brought out a crowd of people to help save the battered craft whose owner was away at the mines. (Pictured is Annette of Boutique Marine one of people at the scene) It’s great to see a community pull for one of it’s own.

Thanks to Petrea of “Talisman” for a series of stunning photos.