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 From The Coastal Passage, issue #32

It's taken 32 issues of TCP to finally get a chance to feature Alan and Patricia Lucas on this page... but it's hard to catch a moving target. Soleares makes a great home and studio for a very prolific writer and TCP is glad of that as Alan makes time for regular articles of great interest. Having that fine talent for pointing out the relevant that could otherwise be missed and for providing instruction in a way that rewards inquiry rather making one feel lectured to. And known around the world. Karen Larsen of US mag Good Old Boat commenting on one of Alans articles in TCP, realising that "He's your Alan Lucas too, as well as our Alan Lucas". And the body of work done whilst building.. how many boats..? Our own nautical over-achievers... what would we do without our Lucas Guides!?

Aussies are EVERYWHERE!!
That's Bob and Rosemary of Halcyon Days (upper left) of WA and Gail and Stephen of Darwin boat Gone Troppo. But that's not Threadbow they are standing on. That's Tahtali Dag in Turkey near Kemer marina! Bob & Rosemary bought their Bavaria in Spain and have cruised from there while Gone Troppo has done it the hard way. That's her below in the sling at Marmaris. Betcha there are some good stories to tell of their adventures so far. Thanks for the piccys you two crews and stay in touch!

It isn't often one gets to meet confirmed monohullists who have actually lived and sailed on a cat and are now going back to a mono. Judy and Bill off Sciolto are just such a couple.
They have been sailing for 30 years, including a run from Bass Strait to Darwin, onto Ambon and Indonesia, then back to the East coast. After selling their boat and becoming landrats for a time, one look at Sciolto, a 35' Simpson sailing catamaran, and the need to sail was just too strong. Sciolto now has to go as Judy has her eye on a Benateau, and Judy should know what she wants she has lived, worked and crewed on several 100ft superyachts over the years and has some marvelous stories to tell about the famous people who own them.
At present Bill and Judy are based at the Bluewater Marina in Cairns while Bill finishes a fitting contract at a minesite. After that it's full time retirement and some serious cruising. I've heard that no one in the marina goes hungry while Bill is away, as Judy loves to cook, so Jude, bring on those homemade sausage rolls and hotdogs. The boys sure will miss you when you're gone.

Photo & words courtesy of Wendy, SY Absolutely

"It's a year and a bit now since our big adventure sailing up the Queensland coast with our kids, and I look back and think how glad I am that we did it. We really did it. It almost didn't happen, was extremely frustrating at times, but it brought us an incredible mixture of fantastic opportunities and heart-stopping scary situations. And it brought us all closer together as a family. A real adventure and a half!" And so their adventure began... Anyone who has read this paper for a while knows how much the editor likes to see young families on boats. A priceless thing to share and a great way to grow up. That's Leonie and Seine with son Quinnlan and daughter Moira.


"This is the water tank that we hauled / pushed up to the top of the sand dune above the Aframe. Those involved were Bill, Brad, Dave and Brendan from "Goldrush", Frank & Kate from "Zuri", Steve From "Felix", Cate and John from “Middle Percy". Steve worked the chain block while the rest pushed.
The tank will be filled from one of the creeks that run into the lagoon the next time we get good rain. We plan to get a shower going again and supply water to the washing up facility in the Aframe some time soon.
Thanks to all, Cate & John"

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