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 Passage People by edition

 Passage People by boat names

 From The Coastal Passage, issue #33

“Passage People Picture like you haven't gotten before!
It is in front of ACFT 099, other wise known as Lucky 99. From left to right the people are: SFC Dave Teston, CW3 Tom Powell, CW3 Steve Conway, PFC Kirsten Flam, SFC Jeff Long, and CPT Dylan Malcomb. Powell, Conway and Malcomb are Chinook test pilots. Malcomb is also the “D”company commander. Teston is the PC NCOIC, and Long is the QC BAMO LNO.
Every one is looking forward to seeing themselves in the paper, they all think it is a great publication and eagerly await the next issues!”...Kirsten

Bob’s note: The letter above was sent from somewhere in Iraq .... We were very pleased
to send papers and will to any military unit asking for them and free of charge.
TCP supports every son and daughter in uniform and considers it an honour to provide a little Aussie fun and adventure for them. And the aircraft name? I was told that this Chinook # 099 gained the “lucky” title after it landed with her crew intact in spite of a rather large hole punched in her from enemy fire. We’re grateful to the builders of the aircraft.. well done! A personal message... come home safe... and then go sailing.

Three Generations Cross the Coral Sea

“In July 2008 three generations of the Jones / Mason family made an 850nm passage across the Coral Sea from Bundaberg to the Louisiades. Pictured are Mike (Gramps) Mason, Harry, Ryan and Kim Jones. It as a great family adventure particularly with Mike having travelled over from the UK to be with his grandsons to explore the wild places of PNG.”

TCP note: Thanks Stardancer... great pic and wonderful event!
Andrew Jones, the boys father, took the photo.

Matthew and Natasha of SY Kalida are the news agents (left and right of the sign with Mum Allison below and dad David taking the pic). Lizard Island is often a long term anchorage and between gatherings on the beach for sundowners it can get boring on occasion.
Not to worry! Thanks to the research station for accepting packages, TCP has been able to ship papers to the LI-NA which they delivered to probably every craft that stopped there (when school time permitted).
Word got around and then boaties started to come to Kalida for a pick up. We couldn’t be prouder of our supporters, distributors and contributors and the Kalida crew are all of those things!
Thanks to all the crowd that took the time to get together for this wonderful photo, we don’t have your names, but would be pleased to meet one day and correct that!


'Fortuna' is a Grainger designed, Chincogan 40' sailing catamaran, owned by Toby the dog. Everyone knows that your dog owns you and yours, therefore Toby owns the boat; that's how I see it! Mel and Damian have been aboard Fortuna on and off since they bought her a couple of years ago, and earlier this year they finally bit the bullet and moved on permanently, with, of course, Toby. They've spent the last couple of months bringing the boat up to scratch for a trip up around the top; destination Fremantle. First though, they are heading south from Cairns over the next six months or so as the Whitsundays beckon. Both of them are ex-submariners and when asked how it feels to be above the water rather than underneath it, the reply is “we have a view!”

pics and words by Wendy of SY Absolutely Knot

Pamela and Kees Koreman have 80,000 miles under the keel but now retiring from the boat. Best of luck you two.

Terry’s and Lenore’s story is too much for just a paragraph or ten... Terry has done everything from biking across America to sighting white whales to losing his Triton 28 off New Caledonia. The French military saved him. Lenore figures he is worth the risk! “I call it love!” Panacea is a Cal 40 last seen by TCP at Coffs Harbour, but could be anywhere by now.

Hi Bob,
“I've been building a Shawn Arber sailing cat for the last 2.5 yrs and have just launched her Saturday 12 July. All went really well, (always a worry when you invite 60 or so friends to witness something possibly going wrong) but all good. Rig gets stood Thursday 24 and if all goes well were planning a trip north, cant wait!”
Brett and Deb Swann

Congrats from TCP, she looks wonderful!!!!!!!