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 From The Coastal Passage, issue #34

It was 9 years around for Dave on his Adams 12, and he didn’t come home alone. He met Sonia in her native Columbia. Sonia loves children and comes from a very traditional family. Dave told us how when he first met he asked if he might talk to her for a while and he was surprised when he had to wait for the matriarch of the family to size him up first! Apparently he was judged OK and now Sonia calls Australia home.

"It's just 10 minutes past beer o'clock and sundowners on Thomas Island is already in full swing. Enjoying the ambience of the occasion is Edwina and Mack on Maui, Maxine and Richard on Tracs Too and Pattie from Speranza. Where else would you rather be?”


words & photo courtesy of Keith & Pattie, SY Speranza

After being introduced to “ The Coastal Passage” during our recent 3 month sail from Brisbane to the Whitsundays and back, I thought I would add some photo’s of another “family” to your gallery.
Whilst many thought our 3 month adventure on “Idyllic” (Northshore 46 monohull) with our three sons Mitchell (2), Scott(6) and Curtis(8) was not in keeping with the name, we all had a FANTASTIC time!!!
We had mostly great weather, certainly plenty of Whales, Dolphins, Turtles and excellent snorkelling, as well as the old “not so planned” occurrences. Probably the only disappointing thing was how few other families with young children we came across. This trip brought us all more together as a family and whilst not in formal schooling, the experiences the older boys gained during this journey could not be taught in any classroom situation.
We were also very encouraged at how kindly others without young children welcomed us despite not fitting the “Cruising Couple” mold. I hope you can use this and some photos to encourage some more families to ”seize the opportunity” and that when we head out again in 18 months there are more young “playmates” out there!!

Kind regards,
Donna & Ian Luxton


One look at Kevin off 'Chantilly' and 'Old Salt' springs to mind. He and his wife Carole have been sailing the high seas for over 30 years and their experience includes several circumnavs of the world. Carole is the navigator and prefers ocean crossings, while Kevin is more into coastal exploring. Perhaps his penchant for collecting rope explains this. If you ever need a particular type or thickness, more than likely Kevin will have some on board somewhere. Kevin and Carole started off life on the sea on a 23 footer, complete with four kids, two Labradors and a cat. Time has whittled down both the kids and the pets and now their boat is a beautiful Bavaria 46 Cruiser, and their only passenger is one very spoilt moggy named Charlotte. Their motto is: “Go where the wind takes you and never wait for the mail”.

words & photo courtesy of Wendy, SY Absolutely


Auspicious is an Explorer 40; a beautiful black and white cat who has safely sailed her owners John & Win around the top from Perth last year. These guys have been married 43 years, which puts them in the 3% of the population that most of us are not members of. They've done quite a bit of sailing over the last 35 years, including the Pacific Ocean, PNG and the Solomon Islands and of course the East coast. After all that time John reckons he can feel a 'tree change' coming Win calls it pottering in a garden and swears she will be a FI/FO wife if he wants to stay in Cairns. It will be sad to see them land based once Auspicious finds her next owner, as they are lovely people who are always good for coffee and a tale or three.

words & photo courtesy of Wendy, SY Absolutely