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 From The Coastal Passage, issue #35

Patagonia Passage with SY Westerly Seranade

Frank Holden is a name that was regular in Aussie boating press but he got fed up with it so he decided to go sailing.. to South America.. I mean really South, in South America! And he somehow finds sailors willing to crew! But there are benefits. You never run out of ice for drinks...
Hope you readers enjoy the pics as much as I do.
Thanks Again Frank!

Hola Bob,
Just back from a recent 2 month spin down through the Canales Patagonicos. Usual stuff, coolish, wettish but lots of centolla ( crab) and lots of fun. Finally found a crew that is happy living at ambient... The Kiwi sheila is Jo Mahoney..... an old Spitzbergen hand. The bloke from Cairns is Geoff Crowther..one of the Crowther mob... I reckon he caught the wrong 'plane... Bali...Chile...its an easy mistake
That is a small fraction of the crab we scored this trip... in this case one of the fishermen had a massive tooth abscess so we traded antibiotics and painkillers.. it was a feel good sort of a day.
Heading up the Atlantic coast to the River Plate this autumn to dry out ( the boat) and get some work done.
Frank Holden, SY Westerly Seranade
Taking a sundowner at an anchorage not to be revealed... I watched from my perch next to my esky, a woman approaching a dinghy well up from the tide. I was about to offer a hand and then a set or wheels popped out of the dinghy and presto! She was at the waters edge ready to go! Hey! Wait a minute... I rushed over to make acquaintance. Annie Hill is the name.(wait.. I know that name.. Annie Hall? no no..) She laughed and the penny dropped! Annie has written a few books, “Voyaging on a Small Income” is one of them. She got in the boat and rowed straight out without missing a lick. Kay and I visited later aboard Iron Bark and there met Trevor. In conversation Good Old Boat came up and it turns out Iron Bark was on perhaps the most dramatic cover GOB ever had.. with the steel boat enveloped in ice of the glacial Arctic background! We had a delightful visit and learned much about this duo and if you wish to know more, Annie keeps a very interesting blogsite, just pop the name in a search engine. Trevor and Annie have a wealth of cruising knowledge and share very generously....


We are Tony, Lisa, Grace and Emma and have lived on “TONIC”, our 10.6m Exodus cat, for over three years. In that time, we’ve sailed from Hervey Bay, over the top to Exmouth, Western Australia where we were living. Six months later, we had sold everything and were enjoying the slow road north around to the east coast. We’ve spent most of last year in the Whitsunday's and are currently in Sydney. We will be cruising back north soon to spend the rest of the year cruising "somewhere".

Thanks for that Lisa and crew! In the photo above taken by PJ Halter in Sydney are from left, Emma (8) and Grace (10) and Lisa and Tony.. The photo under sail is supplied from the crew.