We are the people that are FREE!

  Passage people are those that have been met at anchorages or marinas or beaches or whatever along the way. They are featured perhaps because they are unique and special or because they are not, rather because they are just typical examples but of an extraordinary group. By being cruising boaties, all of these people have stepped off the well trod path and done something exceptional with their lives.


 Passage People by edition

 Passage People by boat names

  From The Coastal Passage, issue # 5

 Jane & Frank of “Escondido”
Jane & Frank are both competent & experiences serious sailors. I hope someday I know the coast & the characters along the way as well as they do now. They summer in Manly and winter...well, north of course.
See you next year “Escondido”!


  Jim & crew of “Fringdwella”

Jim (left) found the 30’ Wharram cat unfinished in a shed down south. He finished her up to fine standard & pointed north (as you do). Friends, Murray, Julia, Jemma, & Choco the pup, came up from Rainbow Beach to join Jim for a stroll around the Whitsunday’s. The accommodation may have been a little tight, but the spirit on the boat was so good, you wouldn't care. Not many will sail off the hook at Refuge Bay in Nara Inlet. Well done Jim!


 Karen & Ben of “Hecate”
Ben says, “Experience is that thing you remember after you’ve made the same mistake twice.”

Every season boats make their way up the coast from Mooloolabah or Brisbane, Sydney, and even a handfull of mexicans, but bloody few from Adelaide. Ben & Karen sailed their very tidy 10m with ease. Since Ben is a navigating office in the merchant navy, they don’t get lost very much.
Experience counts!


 Willem of “Sea Wind”

...gets a ride of a lifetime...
Young Willem is a familiar face around Breakwater Marina. He likes to keep an eye on the comings and goings, inspecting each new arrival by binoculars. The military boat was in getting fuel when resident nice guy, Dave, asked the skipper if he wouldn’t mind giving a ride to a special lad. Willem got his ride and was delighted. Those couple litres of fuel the best spent tax dollars around. Good on yer to the crew!


 “Y Knot”
Caught committing a random act of kindness.

These nice people supplied us with dingy fuel that saved us considerable trouble, then took offence when
I tried to pay for it! We would like to send them a copy of this rag, but misplaced their details. Please help us find the crew of “Y Knot”, I think from Moranbah.


 Miles & Andy

Miles & Andy are enjoying a “leisurely” kayaking voyage from Mackay to Cairns. We caught up with them in Woodwark Bay, where the amount of gear they managed to stow in their two slender vessels astounded us. Their brightly coloured ocean going kayaks are easily spoted, especially when their little sails are hoisted! Keep an eye out and say “G’Day” if you spot them on their passage north.
photo & text: Jo Djubal