We are the People that are FREE!

 Passage people are those that have been met at anchorages or marinas or beaches or whatever along the way. They are featured perhaps because they are unique and special or because they are not, rather because they are just typical examples but of an extraordinary group. By being cruising boaties, all of these people have stepped off the well trod path and done something exceptional with their lives.


 Passage People by edition

 Passage People by boat names

 From The Coastal Passage, issue # 6


Skipper Steve (left), and crew Kelly
& Martin.
Art, music & free spirit is the theme.
A welcome splash of youth & silliness!



We caught Ray & his mate in harbour. Sorry to have missed partner, Barbara. Rays impressive Bob Oram Cat is intriguing...If I were gonna build one....Ray gets the award for the best beard on the back page!



We received a wonderful letter & poem from Roz & Lance last issue. We put face to name when we found them on a “paper delivery”. Friendlier folk aren’t found. They helped with my sand fly problem...Lance says if you eat some sandflies they won’t bother anymore, but Roz says, “It takes a hell of a lot of them to make a sandwich!”



Heather & Hank met in Gove, & have been ship mates ever since. Hank says he would rather be a fool for 5 minutes, than ignorant for a lifetime, so don’t be suprized if they drop in for a visit & a question. They are very, very good company.



Claudia & Egon of Karlsruhe, Germany are making a leisurely spin around the globe. Claudia loves to bake. Watch for her zipping around an anchorage distributing menus for her bread, cakes, and pizza. T.C.P. Recommended!