We are the People that are FREE!

 Passage people are those that have been met at anchorages or marinas or beaches or whatever along the way. They are featured perhaps because they are unique and special or because they are not, rather because they are just typical examples but of an extraordinary group. By being cruising boaties, all of these people have stepped off the well trod path and done something exceptional with their lives.


 Passage People by edition

 Passage People by boat names

 From The Coastal Passage, issue # 9

 “X Tra Chilli”

Iain & Cheryl have just launched their new Cat. They impressed me as knowledgeable and discriminating sailors and having put up with an interview from me, its safe to say they have a sense of humor as well! (see feature page 19) CONGRATULATION FROM TCP!



Peter the poet from “Leah” (the Hawaiian name for sombrero?...or was that a Mexican celebrating the football result?). Back in the “Whits” again after a working vacation away from his favourite haunts. Poetry in motion, Pete?
(Photo & words courtesy of Frank Stoove)


 “Quoll II”

Tim & Trish are originally W.A. Sailors, but have been on the Coral Coast for a while now, alternating between jobs in Gladstone and the big blue. The boys, David & Matthew seem to adapt just fine to life on the Cat. Wouldn’t kid though?



We met Harry & Felicia several years ago on the way north (as you do). Harry has been sailing the coast for quite a while and has taught Felicia the proper way to do it, no doubt. We don’t pass up a Sundowner on Tamika, good wine and good company.


 “Slow Rush”

Another Family boat! Ken & Judy have a new baby, Milli, just 4 weeks old when we caught up with them. Gray & Lucy’s new sister joined them sailing within 4 days of birth. What a wonderful way to start life!


 “Skinny Legs”

Luke is an M.D. & Niki works with acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine, which makes them a remarkable couple. They have a 16 month old baby daughter, Evi cruising with them, that’s remarkable as well, but the fact that they are doing it in a Crowther Twiggy is amazing!