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A message from the crew at SSCA; 

About the Seven Seas Cruising Association

Founded in 1952 in Coronado, California by the crews of six live-aboard sailboats, SSCA has grown to be the world's largest non-profit, international organization supporting the cruising community, with nearly 10,000 members. The original founders shared their voyaging experiences in letters that they copied and sent to one another; thus began the Commodores' Bulletin, which, over the years, has evolved into a monthly, fifty-page publication filled with the latest cruising information. The Bulletin is now available to members online, with an annual CD in lieu of paper issues for active cruisers who don't want mail forwarded to them underway.

Members organize informal gatherings, called "Gams," wherever cruisers congregate. Annual events include the SSCA Convention and General Meeting in Melbourne, FL (in November) which features instructional seminars and workshops aimed to help boaters acquire skills for safe cruising. 2007 will bring a new educational workshop series held around the US. Over eighty SSCA Cruising Stations worldwide welcome members and are a great source of local information. Members proudly fly their burgees at anchor, and pledge to follow the SSCA clean wake policy: to respect others and our environment, so that those who follow in their wake will be warmly welcomed. You can learn more about SSCA and join by clicking on the Crossed Burgees above.

Greetings TCP Readers,

I am directing your attention to The Seven Seas Cruising Association because I believe the experience and success the organisation has had in promoting and protecting the rights of boaties in North America is relevant to Australian Boaties. Besides the activist perspective it appears to me to be a natural fit anyway. We have much more in common than differences and I believe that Boaties as a lot are a more curious than insular group. So lets see if we can do ourselves some good and make some new friends among this international organisation. Membership is encouraged. I joined.


Bob Norson

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