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22 4 19

Just yesterday i warned of the dangers of the big three offenders of tech, google, facebook and twitter on current events page. then this morning i found a new news post that if the world were run by me would be required reading by everyone over 18 (too sordid for the kiddies)

Published in The Guardian, 22 4 19 How I took on the tech giants in their lair

The author took advantage of an invitation to a meeting attended by all the big shots of teck and blasted them to a rousing applause from the others in attendance who were savvy enough to know but were always afraid to say themselves.

I did tell them that they had facilitated multiple crimes in the EU referendum. That as things stood, I didn't think it was possible to have free and fair elections ever again. That liberal democracy was broken. And they had broke it.
It was only later that I began to realise quite what TED
[the name of the meeting] had done: how, in this setting, with this crowd, it had committed the equivalent of inviting the fox into the henhouse. And I was the fox. Or as one attendee put it: "You came into their temple," he said. "And shat on their altar"

She named names and was accused of "inaccuracies" from Zuck's Team but no one got up and challenged her though they could have. Their crimes were apparently, undeniable.. The article speaks well for itself, please read and think over your invovlement with google, "social media" and your government's invovlement with them come election time espcially. Australian political parties do buy information about voters besides advertising on their media and they aren't required to play nice in that venue like they have to by law for print or TV or radio. And Google sells search results, that is the core of their business model and who do you think can afford to twist results around most is..... your fucking government! The Australian government has spent millions on google to defeat critics and spread missinformation about issues currently in public debate. Who is more guilty, the perpetrator or the enabler?


21 4 19

I've got some ideas about this but not yet. Most people are still too enamroured of their devises to hear what they don't want to know. I will have some positive things to report on though.

Thought of one to share. I bought an ACER with win 10 on it. I view win 10 as a mercenary monster. It IS out to get you! Or at least get all your private details whether you like it or not.

Just to touch on this, more later. A Win 10 computer and all Android phones will take your image and record you voice whether you want it to or not AND whether you have it turned off or on; doesn't matter. Anyway, I wanted desperately to get rid of that system but the bios would not let me load anything else on it, like win7 or a proper linux based system. I took it to the pros in Hervey Bay and no one could work it out, though one of them charged me anyway. I did work it out. So if you want modern hardware but without the suspect newer systems I can expalin how to do it... if anyone wants to know... So tell me via the email on the submenu page and I'll get a round tuit.

Coming up if people are interested, how to set up opencpn and install charts in minutes and how to get your AIS up and running with opencpn on a laptop.


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