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 The Best in Technical Articles!

 The easy and strong eye splice that anyone can learn to do

 How to install plastic windows that don't leak and look professional

 How to maintain and adjust your rig

 The Mines to pollute our drinking water and the Reef?

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A Web Site for Builders!

 The Coastal Passage editor built this boat and recorded step by step photos and descriptions of how to do it. If you are building a cat or any composite boat you might find this information useful if not priceless.

 TCP did a special report on Cyclone Larry that devestated this coast in 06 and since there may be useful information in it for this season the expanded issue is reinstated and avaialble here. Cyclone Larry Special Edition

 From TCP # 3 to # #38, Click Here

This is a collection of articles from TCP #15-57 that illustrates the advocacy and educational thrust of the paper’s content.
This is by no means an exhaustive or complete assemblage. It is a sampling and reference to the high points.
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 The Best Cruising Yacht in the World?

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